AGRITURISMO PERA DI BASSO | Via Pera Di Basso, 80074 Casamicciola T. Ischia | Tel: +39 081 900 122 | Mobile: +39 335 820 300 5 | +39 340 739 51 03 |

The taste of tradition and nature of Ischia

A little stone fireplace, soft colors draw the rustic wooden tables, all surrounded by a natural stonewall that gives a touch of simplicity. This is the heart of the agritourism Pera di Basso where the genuiness and simplicity of the cooking and the hospitality are served directly at the table. Have a seat and fall in love of these tasty dishes.




A rich breakfast with genuine and organic products will make you start better the day . The quiet of the hills and the panorama from the estate frame the breakfast served on the veranda overlooking the bay of Casamicciola.

Buffet style breakfast is prepared with local products such as jams and honey of the island of Ischia . Fresh yogurts, bread baked in a wood oven and homemade desserts are just some of delicacies that Pera di Basso offers to their guests.A balanced and energetic meal ,rich also in good humour.



A cuisine where you can feel our heart: in the flavours, fragances and presentation. It is the tradition of little things that, at the restaurant of the estate Pera di Basso, is the undisputed protagonist.

The restaurant occupies the interior room and extends to the beautiful terrace overlooking the bay of Casamicciola. The proposal is that of a local cuisine based on authentic and original fresh products mostly grown on the estate. The inspiration of the land of Ischia is strong and its traditions are perceived as soon as you enter in the room.

The most popular and delicious dishes of the cuisine of Ischia come to the table, tasty and rich in natural goodness: a traditional rabbit dish,fresh fish dishes ,the delicious dish of pennette of the Epomeo and a dish of pasta with basil and fresh tomato just picked. You can taste the genuine pizza cooked in a wooden oven.

Ischia is famous for its fragant wines coming from the vineyards on the hills. The combination of smells of this volcanic earth, the Mediterranean scrub and the sea breeze produces the wine of Pera di Basso. The white of Ischia, silky and shiny, served at the right temperature enhances the flavours of the culinary tradition.


Take home the flavours of The Green Island

Thanks to its volcanic origin, the most important treasure of the green island is its land. Rich in minerals and nutrients gives fruits rich in taste and authenticity. Come to discover the flavours,the perfumes and the goodness of organic products of the vegetable garden. Recreate in your kitchen all the genuine dishes you have loved during your stay on the green island. A careful selection of the products and the best of the countryside directly at your home. Ischia directly on the table.